Local Points Of Interest In Wikipedia

Application Name: Wikipedia Places Free Description: Lists Wikipedia entries near your current location. Publisher’s website: 2-3 Cost: Free ad supported version; $2 paid version removes ads. Version/date reviewed: v.1.11  /  4-1-11 Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2 Android Market (mobile app only)Android Market (browser) Straightforward app – gets you GPS location, and lists any nearby locations […]

Map Ship Information With MarineTraffic

Application Name: MarineTraffic.Com Description: View marine ship traffic anywhere in the world; monitor ships; get port information. Publisher’s website: MarineTrafic Cost: Free Version/date reviewed: v.0.9.3  /  3-8-11 Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2 Android Market (mobile app only)Android Market (browser) If you live by the water, and want to know what ship is passing by, […]

TrekBuddy: Offline Map Viewer And GPS Tracker For Android I

Application Name: TrekBuddy Description: Displays offline mapsets, GPS tracking, records waypoints and tracks, more. Publisher’s website: TrekBuddy Cost: Free (donationware) Version/date reviewed: v.0.9.99  /  9-14-10 Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.1 Android Market link (mobile app only)Android Market link (browser)After too many recent posts on creating offline maps with MOBAC and MAPC2MPAC, and transferring them over to an Android […]

Creating Offline Maps For Android Apps With MOBAC – II

Continuing on from the previous post, I’m going to create a map set atlas using Mobile Atlas Creator (MOBAC) for offline use with a compatible Android application. An “atlas” can contain multiple map sets of data from different sources, covering different areas, and with different data resolutions. I’m going to create an atlas […]

Android Antipodal App

Application Name: AntipodalPoint Pro Description: Find the point on the globe exactly opposite from a specified one. Publisher’s website: efauske Cost: Free Version/date reviewed: v.2.0  /  10-31-10 Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2 Android market link The “Antipodes” is the point on the Earth exactly opposite another specified point. The AntipodalPoint Pro app lets you specify […]

Graphic Local Elevation Displays With AltitudeProfiler

Application Name: AltitudeProfiler Description: Displays elevation profile graph in one compass direction, graphic display in all directions. Publisher’s website: AndroidPit Cost: Free, but with daily data limit; paid version gives you data priority, and supports the program. Version/date reviewed: v.1.02  /  2-28-11 Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2 Android Market (mobile app only)Android Market (browser) […]

Locus, A GPS Mapping Application – Part I: Interface

Application Name: Locus Free Description: Display online/offline maps for your position; GPS track/waypoint display and recording; compass; more. Publisher’s website: Locus Cost: Free ad-support version; Pro version ($5.50) removes ads, and add some minor additional functionality. Version/date reviewed: v.0.9.28  /  3-15-11 Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2 Android Market (mobile app only)Android Market (browser) I’ve […]

Locus, A GPS Mapping Application – Part II: Maps

Continuing on with my review of the Locus GPS mapping app for Android (Part I on the interface is here), today is map day. Locus has a strong selection of standard online map sources, roughly 30 vs. roughly about 20 for OruxMaps. Some are worldwide, others regional. These mapsets currently […]

Simultaneous Large Compass View and Map With Urban Scout

Application Name: Urban Scout Description: Displays large compass view along with Google Maps display Publisher’s website: Cogi Systems Cost: Free Version/date reviewed: v.1.9  /  3-25-11 Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2 Android Market (mobile app only)Android Market (browser) Lots of apps have a large compass display, invariably filling the whole screen (like the excellent Compass app). […]