Application Name: spirit level + clinometer free

Description: Bubble level and slope measurement tool

Publisher’s website: plaincode

Cost: Free; paid version with additional features may be coming in the future.

Version/date reviewed: v.1.0  /  5-4-11

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2


Android Market (mobile app only)
Android Market (browser)

spirit level + clinometer is an adaptation of an iPhone app, and it definitely looks like it – the graphics are very clean and distinctive.


When the phone is at an angle of less than roughly 55 degree or so, the app defaults to the bubble level mode, displaying both angles of displacement (pitch and yaw).


You can switch the bubble level between colors using the S/C control in the menu, but choices are limited to red/green/blue/grayscale. The “lock” icon at lower left lets you lock a reading; tap it once and wait a second or two for a tone to indicate lock, or just double-tap it to lock the reading immediately. When locked, the icon will change to a yellow padlock – tap it again to unlock the level.


From the menu, you can also change the units to single degree precision, tenths of a degree, or percent slope.


If either phone angle of rotation is greater than about 55 degrees, the display switches over to a clinometer view, showing angle and percent slope on the dial. You can also set the central number to be either degrees or percent as well. The graphics are very clean and readable in this mode, and the vernier scales (on either side of the central number) spin as you rotate the phone, a nice touch even if they don’t actually add any functionality.

In this mode, the arrow icon at lower left rotates the background scale, so that you can set the top number to be 0 degrees / 0 percent slope , or 90 degrees / infinite slope.

Other issues: Biggest drawback is the lack of a calibration/zero setting function; without it, absolutely accuracy is limited. I also wish there was an option to keep the app in bubble level mode permanently

Final thoughts: Looks cool, easy to read the numbers, and generally works well. But until a calibration/zero setting function is added,  you might be better off with one of the other bubble level apps on the market, and the clinometer function in either Ulysse GizmoRocklogger or eGeo Compass.

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