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Best 5 Android Tablet for Drawing in 2021

If you are a keen artist and like using a tablet for drawing, you are probably aware of the more traditional offerings out there like the Wacom Cintiq. Although portable and specifically designed for drawing, the major downside with tablets like that one is the fact that you need to connect it to a computer, as it is essentially just a touchscreen display.

Over the years, though, android tablets that are not designed with drawing specifically in mind, have improved a lot. They offer many of the features you’d expect from a tablet made primarily for drawing with the bonus of being a complete device that does not need to be connected to a computer.

As the market is saturated with android tablets, some better than others, you may find it hard to pick out the best device for drawing. Don’t worry, though, as we are going to help make your decision easier. 

In the following guide, we’ve looked at and picked out the 5 best android tablets for drawing on the market.

Let’s dive right in. 

# Product Images Pros Cons Price Amazon Price
Lenovo Tab M10+ X606 4Go-64Go

Lenono Tab M10

  • Comfortable Full HD 10.3-inches screen
  • Pen tracking is fast and accurate
  • Robust build quality
  • SD card slot
  • Long-lasting battery
  •  Need to purchase a capacitive stylus separately
  • Only 32GB
Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

  • AMOLED 10.5 inches screen
  •  Slim, powerful, and portable
  • Improved stylus design offering faster response time
  • S Pen included with the tablet
  • Long battery life and backup
  • The keyboard needs to be bought separately
Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

  •  High-resolution screen
  • Pen tracking is fast and accurate
  • Pen designed with tilt support
  • Fast charging battery
  • Only some apps work with the pen
  • The pen needs to be charged
Simbans Picasso Tab

Simbans Picasso Tab

  • Excellent value for money
  • Comes with stylus • Features screen protector
  • Preinstalled Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Adequate power
  • Comfortable 10-inch IPS screen
  • Speaker quality could be better
  • Pressure sensitivity is lacking from the stylus
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

  •  120hz refresh rate
  • AMOLED display
  • Stylus included
  • 9ms latency
  • Excellent tracking and color-accuracy
  • No water-resistance 
  • Expensive for beginners or casual users

Lenovo Tab M10+ X606 4Go-64Go

Lenono Tab M10

Lenovo is an incredibly well-known brand responsible for some great Android tablets that are not always given the credit they deserve because Samsung models tend to be more popular.

If you have a small budget to play around with, though, you will find it hard to find a mid-range Android device that will provide you the power and functionality you need for drawing.

Older and outdated Samsung tablets are what is normally available that only give you access to more outdated features and specifications.

Failing that, you may find some tablets made by inferior unknown brands that offer no technical support from the brand and questionable quality. 

However, the Lenovo Tab M10 may be one of the exceptions. This comes from a reputable brand at a reasonable price.

It has the most up-to-date features and a stylish, modern design. 

In terms of specification, this little beauty is powered by a 2.3GHz octa-core processor that makes daily tasks quick and simple.

Despite it not being made with the sole purpose of drawing on it, it does offer all the features you want for sketches and drawing.

Though you need to buy a capacitive stylus separately, many great ones on the market are fully compatible with this model.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Next on our list is the first product from Samsung.

The Samsung S6, despite being recently replaced by the Samsun S7 tablet as the main offering with the most up-to-date features and technology, is still a good investment for anyone with a smaller budget that wants a cut-price model that still offers high spec. 

Key to what makes the Samsung S6 still a worthy contender for anyone looking for a robust and reliable tablet for drawing is the high-speed processor and durable metal body. 

What’s more, it features a 10.5-inches AMOLED display screen, which offers amazing contrast settings and color quality.

As it does not flicker like other, less expensive models tend to do, it is ideal for use on projects that require lots of time spent in front of the screen. 

A huge change to the overall design of the Galaxy family of tabs with the release of the S6 was that it was slimmer and supports various useful accessories like a keyboard/cover that enhances its functionality and versatility. 

The accompanying stylus for this model is the revamped S Pen, which has an improved shape and is metallic in texture, and a more comfortable and substantial feel. 

It’s also worth noting that the S Pen is flatter on all sides makes it easier to attach magnetically to the back of the device. 

If you choose to invest in the Samsung S6 for drawing, you get a portable and company device that makes everything easy and comfortable. 

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Huawei MediaPad M5 Lite

Hot on the heels of the groundbreaking tablets released from Samsung are the options offered by the Chinese brand Huawei.

The Mediapad M5 Lite, like many from Huawei, is a high-performance device with an affordable price tag.

The 10.1-inches screen provides a stunning resolution of 920 x 1200 pixels.

Depending on the package you buy, you may get a compatible stylus.

Unlike some tablets, the pen that is designed to work with this tablet is very good for drawing with. It offers 2048 pressure sensitivity levels and tracks very quickly and accurately. 

An issue worth raising is the fact that while the pen works well with most apps, some don’t support its pressure sensitivity. 

If you are looking for a Samsung-like Android tablet for drawing, that does not have quite the same price tag but offers a superb range of features and high specifications, the Mediapad is worth considering. 

Simbans Picasso Tab

Simbans Picasso Tab

Another alternative to Samsung tablets that offers high performance for a lower price tag is the lesser-known Simbans Picasso Tab.

Unlike most of the other devices we’ve featured in this guide, the Picasso Tab has been designed by Simbans with artists in mind and features a 10-inch IPS screen with vibrant and bright colors. 

When it comes to performance and power, compared to the others, this is lacking somewhat.

You can definitely tell it is a budget tablet.

However, it has enough power to handle even the larger drawing and image files and copes well with multiple layers of paint.

You can use it for other tasks like browsing the web and streaming content, but its real strength is in the experience it offers drawing. 

It really comes down to what you expect from an android tablet for drawing, how serious you are about drawing (if it’s a career or hobby), and the budget you have available. 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ 

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+

We’ve left the best for last in our look at the best android tablets for drawing and it should come as no surprise that at the top spot is one of the most recent releases from the company and their flagship tablet line, Samsung with the Galaxy S7+.

As a tablet, it is amazing, but for drawing, it’s even better.

The two main qualities you should always look for in a tablet for drawing are a responsive stylus and a high-quality screen.

The Galaxy S7+ not only offers that but more still.

Let’s consider the screen first – it’s the best iteration of an AMOLED screen yet with the most realistic and accurate colors. 

Thanks to the brightness adjustments you can make with it, you can use it equally as well in an incredibly bright environment outdoors as you can in a very dark indoor room, without suffering from eyestrain. 

Probably the best feature of this tablet though, from a drawing point of view, is the fact that it offers is its 120hz refresh rate, which gives it a smooth, consistent, and responsive feel especially when paired with the stylus. 

It’s worth noting that although the link we’ve provided takes you to has a 12.4-inches screen there is a slightly smaller version with an 11-inch screen. 

Finally, it is worth highlighting the newly improved S Pen stylus.

The S Pen has always commanded a lot of respect, particularly from artists due to its incredibly balanced pressure sensitivity and pinpoints accurate tracking.

The new pen offers all that plus an improved latency of just 9ms.

The combination of low latency and faster refresh rate gives it a very life-like pencil drawing experience. 

It is not the cheapest tablet, but if you are looking to make an investment in a real device that will stand the test of time while offering you the best drawing experience with an Android tablet possible, we would not be telling the truth if we didn’t say this was the best of the bunch.


When it comes to finding a great android tablet for drawing, there are plenty of noteworthy models out there.

The best in class is undoubtedly the Galaxy S7+ from Samsung, but as that is not budget-friendly, you will have a suitably good experience with drawing on the Simbans, Huawei, or even one of the earlier Samsung Galaxy tabs. 

Really, when choosing you need to balance up what you can afford with how often you are going to use it and what you need it for.

If it’s just for a hobby, you may find one of the less expensive models adequate, whereas if it’s for professional use, we would suggest spending a little more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you use an Android tablet as a drawing tablet?

Android tablet is commonly used for beginner graphic artists

2. Do all tablets work with a stylus?

Almost all the latest models of tablets are compatible and workable by stylus.

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