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Back Soon

Been a long field season this year, which has kept me away from this site. Not over yet – still have one more session left, running through the end of next week. Then I’ll be back home, and hope to get this site cranking again soon.

AndroGeoid Now “Mobile”-ized

This was pretty dumb on my part: until yesterday, this site was virtually unreadable on most Android devices, thanks to poor formatting choices and my WordPress setup. That’s now been rectified, and the new mobile version should now be fully usable on any Android unit; portrait or landscape for units with 800 x 480 or higher res screens, landscape better for lower-res screens.


Figure 1: Visiting the site with a mobile device, it will default to the new mobile view; if you really want to go back to the web version, there’s a button at the bottom of every screen that lets you do that. Most recent posts will be listed at the top; tapping on any title will take you to that post.


Figure 2: I’ve gone through every post to make sure that the graphics images will fit in a 480-wide screen, perfect for use in Portrait mode. Unfortunately, this meant removing some of the formatting that made them look better on a computer screen. But they’re not bad now, the posts are still perfectly readable in any computer’s browser (or as perfectly readable as they’ve ever been).


Figure 3: Tapping on the dropdown arrow at upper-right brings up menus to take you back to the home page, subscribe to the RSS feed, or email me directly.


Figure 4: Tapping on the Categories tab at the top brings up a list of category tabs; tap on any of them to bring up a list of posts related to that category.

AFAIK, it should work fine on any Android phone, and even (*shudder*) on other smartphone platforms like iOS, Blackberry and WebOS. Feel free to check it out on your smartphone, and if you run into any problems with display or use, please drop me a line.

What’s This Site Going To Be About?

The world of geography-related Android topics, hardware and software, is already huge, and will likely grow even faster in the near future. On the AndroGeoid site, I’ll try to cover that world as best as I can, looking at apps and techniques to help you make the most of your Android hardware and software in exploring, measuring, recording and mapping  your world. This will include obvious, classic geography-related topics, like:

  • GPS
  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Map displays
  • Compasses
  • And so on …

But the website’s focus will range well beyond that, to topics that encompass some of Android’s more unique capabilities;

  • Geographically-related Augmented Reality
  • Location-linked online information resources
  • Crowd-sourced data collection
  • Measurement apps that take advantage of Android’s sensor suite (accelerometers, orientation, magnetic field)
  • Applications for recording full sets of information linked to location: Coordinates, direction, orientation, notes, photos, videos, sound, panoramas, augmented/virtual reality, …
  • … and as much other cool stuff  as I can squeeze in…

The Android world is currently dominated by smartphones, connected wirelessly via 3G to the Internet, and I’ll cover apps that take advantage of that. But the ecosystem is likely to expand very soon to models that only come with WiFi connections, and even with smartphones there will be times when no connectivity is available. So, I’ll also cover apps that work with non-connected stand-alone Android devices.

And the name, AndroGeoid? Well, GeoAndroid  was already taken ;-). But AndroGeoid works for me: the geoid is:

that equipotential surface which would coincide exactly with the mean ocean surface of the Earth, if the oceans were in equilibrium, at rest, and extended through the continents …

So sayeth the almighty Wikipedia. In other words, all things geo-related to Android will flow downhill to the AndroGeoid, and you should definitely follow ;-).