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Annotate A Google Maps View With DrawMap

Application Name: DrawMap

Description: Capture a view in Google Maps, then draw markers/lines/shapes on it.

Publisher’s website: Young Hoon Park

Cost: Free

Version/date reviewed: v.1.01  /  3-1-11

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2


Android Market (mobile app only)
Android Market (browser)

DrawMap lets you annotate a Google Maps view by drawing on it.



Scroll/zoom the Google Maps view to your desired area, then tap capture to save that view as a bitmap image.


The editing screen will pop up. Select the type of annotation you want to create at top; from left to right, they are:


Marker (e.g. like a standard placemark): Tap and hold on the screen, then drag the placemark to your desired location.


Line segments: Tap on multiple locations, and have straight lines drawn between those points.


Freehand line: Drag your finger on the screen to draw a freehand line.


Shapes: Draw a circle, square or line on the map.

You may have noticed that the buttons at the bottom change, depending on what kind of feature you’re drawing.


For markers, choose between three different types.


For line segments, freehand lines and shapes, you can choose the size of the line with the Width control (the three dots of increasing size). To change the size, tap and hold on the box, then drag left/right to decrease/increase size).


All annotation types also let you set the color by tapping on the color wheel button at the bottom.

Two of the annotation types also have toggle switches:

  • Freehand: Toggle between drawing and erase mode. Erase wipes out any drawn features of any type, including markers.
  • Shapes: Toggle between circles, rectangles and lines.


Once you’re done, tap on the disk icon to save the image; you’ll see the name of the file and the save location at top. You’ll also have the option to share it immediately with other locations/services like email, Facebook, Dropbox, etc..

Other issues: An undo button would be an enormous help; as is, your only option to undo a feature is to erase it manually. A text box option would also be a really useful feature; handwriting text on the map is a pain. It would also be nice to have additional map options (terrain, satellite view).

Final thoughts: If it had a text option, it would be almost perfect, and hopefully that will be added soon. As is, it’s still the best Android map annotation program I’ve seen.

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