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Coordinate Conversion And Waypoint Distances With Lat Long Calc

Application Name: Lat Long Calc

Description: Converts decimal latitude/longitude to UTM/DM/DMS; calculates distances and headings between points.

Publisher’s website: Cruthu Services

Cost: Free; $1 Pro version adds more features.

Version/date reviewed: v.1.52  /  12-19-10

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2


Android Market link (mobile app only)
Android Market link (browser)

Lat Long Calc can convert a decimal latitude/longitude position into degrees/minutes, degrees/minutes/seconds, or UTM coordinates. Enter a second position, and it can calculate the distance and heading towards that position.


Figure 1: You can type in coordinates to either the top or bottom position, with the top (A) being the starting point and bottom (B) being the destination. If you enable GPS with the bottom checkbox, you also have the option of copying your current GPS position into A.


Figure 2: If you have a GPX file with waypoints online, you can upload them into the program’s database by accessing the DB Manager from the main menu. Once loaded in, you can edit the coordinates of an individual waypoint, or delete it. Unfortunately, you can’t change the name, or manually add a waypoint, which is a major drawback.


Figure 3: Once waypoints are in the database, you can load them into either the origin (A) or destination (B) using the Get from DB button in the main screen.

Other issues: Distance units are in miles only; no option to change that to metric units. And if you turn the GPS on with the checkbox, be sure to turn it off, or exit the program with the official Exit command from the menu; using the back button to get out of the program screen will leave the GPS on, draining the batter.

Final thoughts: Nice conversion function, importing GPX files online is useful, and the distance/bearing info can come in handy. It really needs the ability to add waypoints to the database on the fly, and metric units would be useful as well.

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