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View Local Toxic Chemical Release Data with myRTK

Application Name: myRTk (“My Right To Know”)

Description: View EPA data on companies that release toxic chemicals in a specified area

Publisher’s website: myRTK

Cost: Free

Version/date reviewed: NA; 10-31-10

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2

Web app link

To create a direct access icon for this site, create a bookmark for the site in your browser. Then do a long press on your Android home page, select “Shortcuts”, choose “Bookmarks”, then select the bookmarked site.

The EPA’s myRTK (My Right-To-Know) site is a web app that displays the location of companies near a user-specified point that release toxic chemicals, along with information about the type of chemicals and their overall compliance record.


Figure 1: This isn’t an Android app, but is instead a mobile-enabled website – any mobile phone or OS should be able to access it. Enter a specific address, or even just a general zip code …


Figure 2: … and get the location plotted (small blue dot), along with nearby companies that release toxic chemicals. You can scroll the map by dragging, or change the display type to Satellite/Hybrid/Terrain with the dropdown at upper right. You can’t zoom in or out, thought, and the crosshair at upper right is a geolocation service that doesn’t seem to be working right now.


Figure 3: Tap on a marker, and it will bring up a popup with the name and address of a company on the map. Tapping on “List’” will bring up a scrollable list of the mapped icons. Tapping on the link in the popup, or on a company name in the list, will bring up more info…


Figure 4: … Including yearly release amounts in pounds, and the type of chemicals released …


Figure 5: … and their overall compliance record to EPA regulations.

Other Issues: None.

Final thoughts: If you’re concerned about local toxic chemical releases, this is a convenient way to find that info.

Via Google Maps Mania.

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