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Measure Distances Between Points On A Map, And Distances From Points To Your Current Location, With AndMeasure

Application Name: AndMeasure

Description: Measure distances along a string of points; also distances from points to current location.

Publisher’s website: None.

Cost: Free

Version/date reviewed: v.1.6  /  9-29-10

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2

Android Market link (mobile app only)
Android Market link (browser)

AndMeasure doesn’t do a lot, but what it does it does very well – measure distances in a map view, either along a set of user-designated points, or between those points individually and your current location.


Figure 1: Tap the “Add point” button, then tap on the map to place the point. Add more than one point, and get both distance between every point marked, and the total distance.


Figure 2: Tap the icon at lower-right, and AndMeasure will fire up the GPS to give you your current position as a blue marker, and change the distances next to every point you’ve marked to display the distance from that point to your current position. It’s “continuous update”, so as you move, the distances to the points will update to reflect that.


Figure 3: The “Erase” button at top erases all the points. The directions say to use a “long press” to remove a point, but you actually have to tap a point twice in succession, holding the second tap down, to remove a point (as at left).

Additional features: Set units (English, Metric or Yards (Golf)); Search for a location.

Other Issues: GPS sometimes turns itself off when in continuous update mode; just tap on the icon at lower right twice to turn it off/on again.

Final thoughts: Not a huge feature set, but it does those well; simple, easy to use interface. Recommended.

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