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Map Geotagged Photo Locations In Android With Been There

Application Name: Been There

Description: Maps locations of geotagged photos on an Android phone; displays thumbnails

Publisher’s website: Been There

Cost: Free basic version; ~ $1 paid version adds ability to organize photos in albums, export photos in KMZ format for viewing in Google Earth.

Version/date reviewed: v. 1.3.5 (free)  /  10-26-10

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2


Android Market link (mobile app only)
Android Market link (browser)

Been There takes all the geotagged photos on your Android unit (ones with the photo location embedded in the EXIF metadata), and plots their location in a Google Maps interface.


Figure 1: Pictures within the mapped area visible are shown in thumbnail format at the top; you can drag the thumbnail strip either direction to view more photos


Figure 2: Tap quickly on a thumbnail at the top, and the location it was taken will be highlighted in the map. Similarly, tap on a point on the map, and the photo thumbnail for that point will be highlighted at the top. A longer tap on a thumbnail will bring up a slightly larger version of the photo in a viewer to fill the phone’s screen (no zoom options, though). A long tap on a thumbnail followed by drag lets you resize the thumbnails larger or smaller.


Figure 3: If you zoom in on the map, only those thumbnails within the map view will be visible. Similarly, zooming out will show additional thumbnails located in the map area. A “My Location” option in the menu will show you where you’re currently located, which can help you navigate to the location where a photo was taken.

Other Issues:

If you’re zoomed out so that lots of pictures need to be plotted on your map, it can take a few seconds for the thumbnails to show up.

Final thoughts:

This is the first app of this type I’ve reviewed (there’s a few others I’ll get to at some point), but even so, I like it a lot; I have difficulty imagining that similar apps would be much easier to use, or work as well. Recommended.

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