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Animated Radar Precipitation Maps With Radar Now

Application Name: Radar Now

Description: Animated NOAA radar precipitation images, and current weather conditions.

Publisher’s website: Radar Now

Cost: Free (adware)

Version/date reviewed: v.1.0  /  10-4-10

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.2

Android market link

1/31/11:  App is currently not available on the Android Market.


Figure 1: Though I generally like the Weather Channel’s Android app, I’ve never been happy with the it’s radar precipitation maps. Detail is too blobby/indistinct, and the animation is often slow to show up.


Figure 2: Radar Now! uses more detailed precipitation radar maps from NOAA, which show precipitation boundaries and intensity more clearly. I also prefer the background map, showing terrain and hydrographic features like washes, useful in the Southwest where flooding can occur very quickly.. Opening page also includes current weather conditions and your current location, plotted using GPS


Figure 3: Zoom in for a closer view. Compare that with the Weather Channel radar map at top; it’s not nearly as detailed.

Final thoughts: The Weather Channel app is good for forecasts and multiple locations, and since it’s free, you should definitely have it. But when there’s rain or snow in the forecast, and I want to know if it’s headed my way, Radar Now! is my app of choice.

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1 Response to “Animated Radar Precipitation Maps With Radar Now”

  1. 1 Goya

    For Belgium and Netherlands there’s “buienradar” (“rainradar”) which displays a real time rain radar image of the whole Benelux. Static and in time laps movie.
    Very simple but easy to use and convenient when you want to go out for a bike ride or a hike and check if you need a raincoat for the next hours.

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