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Drop An Android Parking Anchor With Carrr Matey

Application Name: Carrr Matey

Description: Marks your car’s parking spot, navigates you back to it.

Publisher’s website: Carrr Matey

Cost: Free; ad-supported.

Version/date reviewed: v.1.6.7  /  9-7-10

Phone/OS: Droid X / Android 2.1


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Android Market (browser)

There’s a ridiculous number of parking spot apps on the Android market, most of which are pretty plain – mark your spot, and show it on a map. Carrr Matey stands out by adding a bit of fun to the process with a marine/piratical theme.



Figure 1: If you have a GPS fix, your current location will be indicated by a blue dot in a Google Maps view. Took me a while to realize that the crossed swords at the bottom was the “zoom in” button (+), and the single horizontal sword was “zoom out” (-).


Figure 2: When you’ve parked your car, tap the “Drop Anchor” button to mark your parking position with a ship icon. If you don’t have a good GPS fix, you’ll be told that, and given the option of marking your spot by tapping on the map.


Figure 3: You’ll also be given the option to set a timer, for when your parking time runs out. After setting your time, and marking your position, make sure you exit the app to turn off the GPS tracking – this will keep the battery from draining. The timer will continue to run in the background even after you exit the ap


Figure 4: To find your car again, tap the “Find Vessel” button. You’ll have the option of either using the map, or using a compass that points in the direction your car is located, along with the approximate distance. Yards for distance only; bit less than a meter for most of the world


Figure 5: If your car is parked inside a parking building, you can use the “Harbor” button to bring up a screen that lets you mark its position. You scrawl the letters/numbers by hand; I expected a standard text box, but this is faster, and good enough. You can clear earlier entries from the menu. Tap on the color box to bring up a palette that lets you choose from 9 different colors.

Additional functions:

  • Choose either Google Maps street maps or hybrid maps (road + satellite view)
  • Send someone either your parking location or current location via email
  • Saves your last 5 parking spots in a list; if you drop something at an earlier parking spot, you can find that spot again

Other Issues:

Nothing major. It would be nice to have the option of marking multiple spots at once, but the “last parking spots” list is a reasonable substitute.

Final thoughts:

Does the job, adds some fun, and is good for a laugh when you show it to others. What more do you want? Arrrrrr!

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